1 hour




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20 minutes

Phonecall or video appointment

  • Video appointment

  • Bring a case, discuss pro-ND approaches and strategies

  • Learn how to shift your practice from a Medical Model

  • Session notes with advice / recommendations

  • 3 x 60 minute video appointment sessions

  • Report - recommendations / supports which can be sent to your GP and any other professionals involved

1 hour session

Highly tailored and bespoke training

  • 45-minute Zoom parent / carer interview

  • 1.5 hour assessment

  • Report with recommendations which can be sent to GP and any other professionals or services involved

Initial Consultation for parents, families, carers, Autistic people

Professional Consultation or supervision

Adult Communication Assessment

1:1 general communication advice sessions 

Training / presentations to professionals, services

Speaker events

Child / Teenager communication assessments 



What is included?