Announcement (26th June 2022)

Due to needing to manage my own spoons, I cannot currently offer any Child Communication Assessments until further notice. I do however still offer the following: 

  • Initial Consultations

  • Adult Communication Assessments

  • Professional Consultation / supervision

  • 1:1 general advice sessions

  • Training / speaker events


1 hour




Prices vary depending on several factors. Get in touch


20 minutes

Phonecall or video appointment

  • Video appointment

  • Bring a case, discuss pro-ND approaches and strategies

  • Learn how to shift your practice from a Medical Model

  • Session notes with advice / recommendations

  • 3 x 60 minute video appointment sessions

  • Report - recommendations / supports which can be sent to your GP and any other professionals involved

1 hour session

Highly tailored and bespoke training

  • 45-minute Zoom parent / carer interview

  • 1-1.5 hour assessment

  • Report with recommendations which can be sent to GP and any other professionals or services involved

Initial Consultation for parents, families, carers, Autistic people

Professional Consultation / supervision

Adult Communication Assessment

1:1 general communication advice sessions for families and Autistic people

Training / presentations to professionals, services

Speaker events

Child / Teenager communication assessments 



What is included?